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A modern communications agency helping disruptive companies win today's information war. 

Launch leaders. Grab attention. Drive results. Eden Communications crafts digital campaigns that cut through the noise.


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We'll help you secure the media coverage you deserve

Brand awareness

Together, we identify your short and long term goals and position your brand in the beating heart of the news cycle. We'll help you develop a compelling story to cut through the noise to make people care.

We'll create communications strategies that command attention, whether you’re looking to score high-profile media coverage, grow your market share, rebrand and reach new stakeholders, or attract new investors.

Media relations

Have a great story to tell but feel like no one's listening? We'll handle that for you. Our team build relationships with leading journalists and influencers to secure media coverage and position you in the most powerful way possible going forward.

We'll get you coverage in traditional press and podcasts, identify opportunities in the news cycle to further your message, and stand by your side in high-stakes situations.

Content creation

Need written content for your Twitter account? Have brilliant ideas for a newsletter but no time to write it and no audience? We'll take care of it all for you.


From drafting your company or founder blogs and newsletters to helping you develop audio and video content for your feeds, Eden Communications is a one-stop shop for all your content and social media needs, allowing you to set the news agenda and resonate with your target audience.

What our clients say

"They played a crucial role in our product launch and consistently kept our brand momentum strong with their leadership in media opportunities, awards, and content creation." 

- Jam C.

Blue Planet Energy Marketing Director

"If you're looking for a PR agency that knows how to get the job done, look no further. Ebony's knowledge of PR is endless." 

- Indie McFarlane

Indy Sunglasses Founder

"You've truly been a rockstar... Greatly appreciate your expertise, your thoughtful authenticity, and your fierce work ethic."

- Kash Hasworth

Author and Entrepreneur 

Eden Communications founder, public relations expert and former New York Post Washington Correspondent, Ebony Bowden.


Ebony Lewkovitz founded Eden Communications after spending a decade at the highest levels of journalism and public relations. An award-winning reporter, she became The New York Post's Washington Correspondent following stints at the ABC, The Sydney Morning Herald and Al Jazeera. After leaving Washington, she entered public relations and soon became a trusted advisor to Fortune 500 companies, tech start-ups, certified B Corporations and high-net-worth individuals. Eden's clients have been featured in ForbesThe Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and The New York Post thanks to Eden's winning strategies based on powerful storytelling and an intimate understanding of the media landscape.

Companies that work with us

Reading the Paper


Discover the biggest industry secrets to help you easily land top-tier press coverage — and the common mistakes you need to avoid.

Are you tired of slogging through convoluted PR tactics that drain your resources and yield no results? Are your pitches getting ignored and unanswered? Introducing our new 12-page powerhouse guide - your compass to navigating the intricate maze of the media industry and securing coveted top-tier press coverage of your business.

Crafted by award-winning reporter and Eden Communications Founder Ebony Bowden, this guide is a must-read roadmap to amplifying your brand's voice in the world's most prestigious publications and is the same formula Eden uses to get clients features in the likes of Forbes, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal. Whether you're a hungry entrepreneur yearning to have your work recognized, or you've had enough of lackluster, wallet-draining PR endeavors – this guide is your game-changer.


This guide contains:

  • Five proven steps to unleash your media potential

  • How to think like a reporter

  • The perfect pitching formula which will turn reporters' heads

  • The common pitching pitfalls you need to avoid

Free public relations guide written by Eden Communications founder and former New York Post Washington Correspondent Ebony Bowden detailing how to get media coverage for free
Free public relations guide written by Eden Communications founder and former New York Post Washington Correspondent Ebony Bowden detailing how to get media coverage for free

Download the guide now

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