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Take your brand
the next level.

Whether you're launching a new product, looking to publicize your incredible work, navigate a public relations nightmare, or reach new customers, Eden Communications is a battle-tested partner with 10 years of experience in the media industry.




Ebony Bowden founded Eden Communications after spending a decade at the highest levels of journalism and public relations. An award-winning reporter, she became The New York Post's Washington Correspondent following stints at the ABC, The Sydney Morning Herald and Al Jazeera. After leaving Washington, she entered public relations and soon became a trusted advisor to Fortune 500 companies, tech start-ups, certified B Corporations and high-net-worth individuals. Eden's clients have been featured in ForbesThe Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and The New York Post thanks to Eden's winning strategies based on powerful storytelling and an intimate understanding of the media landscape.

What we do

Team work

Brand strategy

What's your story? Together, we identify your short and long term goals and create powerful communications strategies that command media attention, create moments of impact, and deliver results.


We will overhaul your message and extract powerful narratives, whether you’re looking to score high-profile media coverage, grow your market share, rebrand and reach new stakeholders, or attract new investors.

Political Figure

Media relations

We will perform an analysis of your past media coverage, wider industry trends, your current branding and how effectively you've engaged with the media in the past to help position you in the most powerful way possible going forward.

Eden Communications will deal with the press on your behalf, identify opportunities in the news cycle to further your message, correct misleading or erroneous reporting, deal with high-intensity communications, and draft and issue statements and releases on your behalf.

Live Interview

Crisis management

Disaster often strikes when you least expect it. We work with in-house communications teams and legal counsel to gather all the facts, establish your goals and set a strategy. We will monitor the situation and make adjustments as needed.

With over a decade of experience in newsrooms around the world, we understand how news organizations operate.

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